Discover Lake Havasu City: A Desert Oasis of History and Recreation

Located in western Arizona, Lake Havasu City beckons with its unique blend of desert trails, water sports, and rich history. As a base for outdoor exploration and water-based activities on Lake Havasu, this vibrant city offers a multitude of experiences for visitors and residents alike.

Natural Wonders and Water Sports:

Lake Havasu City's reputation as an outdoor enthusiast's paradise is well-earned. It serves as a gateway to trails winding through the nearby desert, perfect for those seeking off-road adventures. The sprawling Lake Havasu, a playground for water sports, provides opportunities for boating, fishing, and more. The city's attractions are closely connected to the surrounding landscapes and the iconic lake.

The Iconic London Bridge:

The city's most renowned landmark is the London Bridge, an unexpected sight in the Arizona desert. Relocated from England, this historic bridge links the mainland to marinas and creates a picturesque looped path known as the Island. The bridge's relocation was no small feat—it was reconstructed on dry land, and Bridgewater Channel and "The Island" were formed beneath it. On October 10, 1971, the completed bridge was formally dedicated in a grand ceremony attended by over 50,000 spectators and dignitaries from both sides of the Atlantic.

Preserving History:

The Lake Havasu Museum of History captures the essence of the area's past, documenting Native American heritage and the history of steamboats that once plied the waters of the Colorado River. This museum provides insight into the cultural tapestry that has shaped Lake Havasu City.

Formation and Development:

Before its transformation into a hub of recreation and history, Lake Havasu City's future site was a barren expanse of Arizona desert. The construction of Parker Dam from 1934-1938 led to the formation of Lake Havasu, with its impressive 450 miles of shoreline. The reservoir reached its capacity of 211 billion gallons of water in 1940-1942.

In 1963, Robert McCulloch, owner of McCulloch Motors, spotted the potential of the land surrounding Lake Havasu for a burgeoning city. His vision, combined with developer C.V. Wood's efforts, led to the establishment of Lake Havasu City on September 30, 1963. Air charter was used to bring prospective buyers to the city, with 2,702 flights between 1964 and 1978 bringing 137,000 potential land buyers. The last parcel of land was sold in 1978, and the city was incorporated later that year.

A Thriving Community:

Today, Lake Havasu City boasts a population of over 56,000 people and a bustling tourism industry that attracts more than 835,000 visitors annually. The city's elevation of 735 feet is home to a diverse community of residents and visitors who revel in its history, outdoor opportunities, and laid-back lifestyle.

Experience the allure of Lake Havasu City's history, recreation, and natural beauty, all against the backdrop of the iconic London Bridge and the tranquil waters of Lake Havasu. Whether you're seeking adventure, cultural insights, or a serene escape, this city offers a wealth of experiences waiting to be discovered.